Metric Conversion Utility For Excel

Statistics Add-In for Microsoft Excel.
R. Fitch Software
Full Convert Enterprise
Powerful and feature-complete database converter.
Spectral Core
Unit conversion
An add-in for Microsoft Excel 97 or later that converts a value from one set of units to another. It......

Metric Conversion Utility for Excel

Find/replace utility to search Excel files.
Filehunter software
Excel Converter
Excel Converter extracts text data from Excel files to XLS, CSV or TXT files.
Retsina Software Solutions
SofT Convert
Metric conversion utility with thousands of factors built-in. If you need more, simply add them your......
SofTEK Consulting
Unique timesaver for Excel users around the world.
Filord Group
Excel Recovery
Excel Recovery: Guaranteed Excel password recovery tool.
Excel Sheets Separator
It allows you to break one single Excel document into different files.
ChemAxon JChem for Excel
It is a program that integrates structure handling and visualizing capabilities.
Excel-Tool Convert Excel Value
Convert Excel dates and more.
Excel-Tool, Inc.

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Metric Conversion Utility for Excel

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Useful excel addin meant to clean Excel files data.
The Sky Soft
Excel 2007 Ribbon to Old Classic Menu Toolbar Interface Software
Add old Excel 2003 menus to Excel 2007. Excel 2007 or higher required.
Mapcite Excel Addin
The Excel addin can be used to visualize your Excel data on a map.
Conversion Utility for TEC Scales
TEC Systems : Γιαννης Κουλης
Excel Reports
Create Excel files without having Excel installed.
Kellerman Software
Free Excel Viewer
Free Excel Viewer allows users to view Excel files in any version of Excel.
Media Freeware
Automate Excel
Automate Excel: A powerful and unique Excel utility to save time and money.
The Sky Soft
PCI Conversion Utility for FARO
MicroSurvey Software Inc.
Batch Excel Files Binder
The excel file binder can merge excel files in huge amount without wasting time.
Window India